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Mystic Mouse® Publishing is an independent Spiritual and New Age publisher offering books, audio CDs and card decks. Mystic Mouse® was established in the UK in 2001.

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Card Deck:
Wolf Life Path Cards

The Wolf features in many traditions, appearing in myth, legend & folklore throughout the ages. Often depicted as teachers, guides and protectors, wolves are associated with loyalty, courage, strength & intuition and are a powerful symbol of freedom and free spirit.

The Wolf Life Path 'pack' consists of 41 beautifully illustrated cards, featuring the wolves of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. The cards can be used for meditation or divination. Let the imagery and guidance assist you in accessing your own intuitive abilities. Join with the spirit of the wolf.

Meditation Book:
Crystal Skull Meditations

Working with the Crystal Skulls can invoke feelings such as happiness, security & peace. While working with their vibrations will often bring clarity, inspiration and comfort.

Inspired by the Crystal Skull Message Cards this stunning full colour spiralbound book includes the 39 original skull card images plus 3 new designs. Each image is accompanied by three soul searching questions, two affirmations and a healing message from the Crystal Skulls themselves.

Compact Disc:
Personal & Planetary Healing

A Meditation CD by White Elk Woman. Personal & Planetary Healing with Crystal Skulls CD includes eight tracks each one named after one of the Crystal Skull Message Cards, and inspired by a specific skull from White Elk Woman’s own skull family. [Wholesale Enquiries Welcome - find out more]

"Your heart will vibrate with joy and peace through the music and words on this CD." - Sue G, London

Special Offer: £8.00 + p&p (rrp £11.99)

Pocket Card Deck:
The ShadowLight Cards

From the creators of the Crystal Skull Message Cards comes this simple, yet powerful, deck containing 52 cards. This convenient pocket-sized deck uses colours, numbers and words to help you identify and work through unconscious issues that might be holding you back.

Turn your Shadows into Light!

[Wholesale Enquiries Welcome - find out more]

Special Offer: £5.00 + p&p (rrp £9.99)

About Mystic Mouse

Mystic Mouse Publishing was founded by two friends, Sharon & Lorenzo. It all started with Sharon's vision for creating a deck of Crystal Skull cards.  Unsure of how to turn her vision in to a reality, she enlisted the help of her best friend and soulmate Lorenzo. Together they created the original Crystal Skull Message Cards, which launched in 2008. The cards were an instant hit, selling all over the world on little more than word of mouth, and went on to inspire a book and a CD.

The latest project from Mystic Mouse Publishing is the Wolf Life Path cards, which builds on their goal of creating beautiful and inspiring transformational tools for personal development and enlightenment.

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