Personal & Planetary Healing CD

Personal & Planetary Healing
with Crystal Skulls CD

A Meditation CD by White Elk Woman

​Personal & Planetary Healing with Crystal Skulls CD. Each of the eight tracks is named after one of the Crystal Skull Message Cards, and was inspired by a specific skull from White Elk Woman’s skull family.

Performed by:
White Elk Woman - voice, drums, rattles & shakers
Mark Lord - soundscapes

Track List

  • Ancestors (7:12)
    Chakra: Base / Body: Physical
    Inspired by Barnaby (Black Obsidian Skull)
  • Obelisk (7:08)
    Chakra: Sacral / Body: Etheric
    Inspired by Joshua (Clear Quartz Skull)
  • Sacred Space (7:06)
    Chakra: Solar Plexus / Body: Emotional
    Inspired by Anstara (Clear Quartz Starbeing)
  • Abundance Island (7:04)
    Chakra: Heart / Body: Lower Mental
    Inspired by Andromeda (Fluorite Starbeing)
  • Voyage of Discovery (7:11)
    Chakra: Throat / Body: Upper Mental
    Inspired by Mu Kai (Boulder Opal Skull)
  • 11:11 Transformation (7:30)
    Chakra: Third Eye / Body: Spiritual
    Inspired by Ankara (Sheen Obsidian Starbeing)
  • Lotus Flower (7:04)
    Chakra: Crown / Body: Casual
    Inspired by Sunastria ( Clear Quartz ET)
  • The Blue Skull (12:54)
    Inspired by Manaka (Blue Aragonite Skull)
  White Elk Woman 

Working with Crystal Skulls and their consciousness, I have got used to expecting the unexpected, and this album is no exception! It has evolved into something completely different from my original ‘intention’. Ultimately it was inspired by the Crystal Skull Message Cards and has become an album of sound, created electronically. This album may well take you on a number of journeys, and you may also drift off into what seems like an intensely deep, peaceful slumber, as the eclectic sounds weave through your energy centres, systems and grids.

Sue G London

Your heart will vibrate with joy and peace through the music and words on this CD. It will invoke long forgotten memories of golden times and remembrance of connecting with the Divine through insights of the Crystal Skulls.

Murray Cornish Scotland (Source STAR healing)

I have never felt such spiritual energy coming from a piece of music as when I heard the first notes of 11:11 Transformation. The notes rippled through my whole being. The music came into my heart and like a stone dropping into a pool it just rippled out my body in waves. Absolutely magic. This CD completely complements the deck of cards.

Includes a 16-page colour insert booklet:

CD Insert Booklet sample pages
CD Insert Booklet sample pages