Turn Your Shadows into Light!

From the creators of the Crystal Skull Message Cards comes this simple, yet powerful, deck containing 52 cards depicting 13 Crystal Skulls within the Flower of Life. These pocket-sized cards come in a sturdy box with a magnetic flap to help keep them secure when you are on the go.

Each card uses different colours, numbers and words to help you to work through unconscious issues that might be holding you back. On the front is the image of the skulls set against the Flower of Life. On the reverse are two words 

The Concept
This deck contains 52 cards consisting of 40 ShadowLight Cards & 12 ‘Unity’ cards. The idea of the deck is not only to assist you in shining a Light on your Shadows but also to help you reach a state of harmony and oneness with yourself and the ‘outside world’.
We often place thoughts and feelings on words that seem ‘bad’ or ‘unpleasant’ but a word is just a symbol; it has no meaning until we imbue it with such. Working with these cards should help to bring a change in perception, as you find new ways to perceive things that you had previously thought of as being ‘negative’. Different words mean different things to different people and these meanings can change depending on our experiences. What does each word mean to you at soul level?
The Unity (or Challenge) cards have the same word for their Shadow and Light. These cards prompt you to think more deeply as to how you feel about that particular word and how it could be both a Shadow and a Light within your life.
We hope that working with these cards will help you open up your heart and mind to experience and understand the Oneness of All That Is. 

Turn your Shadows into Light!

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